Triathlon Training Camp 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to our Triathlon Training Camp at Tenerife Top Training from 4 to 11 February 2023.
The camp is being run in partnership with Matt Luxton from the Tamar Performance Centre.

Why would you want to travel to Tenerife for a Triathlon Camp?

A triathlon magazine editor from the USA recently asked Matt (Coach of the Tamar Performance Centre) this question.
It is a financial, time, and effort commitment for any age group triathlete to travel abroad. Because we all desire different outcomes and are at different stages in our triathlon journeys, it’s difficult to describe what this experience does for a triathlete.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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triathlon training camp cycling
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Meeting athletes where they are

It would be a pleasure to welcome you to our triathlon camp at T3!

  • The camp will be conducted in English
  • Full board, 3-star Hovima Jardin Caleta
  • Daily coached sessions in 50 m or 25 m pools
  • Swim analysis in the flume.
  • Open water skills
  • Run technique/endurance at the T3
  • Cycle the southern area of Tenerife
  • Strength and conditioning sessions
  • Classic climbs, including Mount Teide and Masca – wonderful life experiences
  • Programmed rest, recovery and mobility periods
  • Enjoy the sun on your back and boost your Vitamin D levels

Costs for the Triathlon Training Camp

  • 7 x Nights Hovima Jardin Caleta
  • Full Board
  • Daily water and towels provided
  • Access to all Tenerife Top Training world-class facilities (pools, swim flume, gyms, sauna, jacuzzi, running track)
  • From £1150

Our triathlon training camp is aimed at those competing at different distances and standards. We are very aware of the need to meet the needs of each athlete and believe we do this very well both in Tenerife and in our teams back home.

You get the support you personally need to enjoy the camp and develop. For example, we assign swim lanes based on ability; lead at least two cycling groups and talk regularly to make sure you are not over or under-challenged.

If you think this camp would work for you, and if there is anything else you would like to know,

Contact TTT Sports