Rowing Training Camps

Winter Rowing Training Camps for strength and conditioning

It is with great pleasure that TTT Sports announce Rowing Training Camps 2022 in Tenerife! We offer bespoke training camp packages for schools and clubs that include transfers, accommodation, excursions, and more…

Rowing Training Camps
Tenerife Top Training outside rowing camps concept 2
Tenerife Top Training rowing camps outdoor gym

For individuals and crews, we also organize and run camps. Provides more flexibility if you are training alone for a big race in your club.

In the summer months, the UK’s lakes, rivers and canals enable you to hone your rowing skills on the water.

But when the bad weather sets in, the hard miles are done in the gym! A perfect climate, a perfect facility, and a perfect location are the best places to enjoy those hard miles

The psychological impact on athletes of these warm-weather training camps is well documented. Tenerife Top Training is a truly inspirational and motivational venue for your rowing training camp.

Improve your performance with T3

  • Three gyms (indoors, outdoors and a CrossFit Box)
  • Free weights and exercise machines
  • Individual or coached sessions
  • Concept 2 rowing ergs (used indoors or outdoors)
  • Running track
  • 10 x lane 50 m swimming pool
  • 6 x lane 25 m swimming pool
  • Bike ‘spinning’ room
  • Opportunity for cycling and trail running at altitude, using the glorious Mount Teide as a ‘playground’.

TTT Sports also offer metabolic testing and analysis

TTT Sports is also delighted to offer high-performance metabolic testing and analysis using the PNOE Ecosystem, the likes of which used only to be available to professional and international athletes.

For aspirational rowers, this analysis provides clinical accuracy in measuring metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness, enabling scientifically informed nutritional and training plans to be developed based on each individual athlete’s personalised data.

This analysis can be undertaken in the UK and can help inform your training programme at T3. We recommend engaging your coach prior to, during and post this process.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about metabolic testing and how it could support your training programme.

We would very much value the opportunity to discuss your training needs with you and to design and deliver the package that best meets your needs.

Please see the links to our accommodation providers, ranging from the excellent 3-star Hovima Jardin Caleta to the stunning 5-star Suites Villa Maria.