Tennis Holidays

Tennis Holidays in Tenerife

TTT Sports is delighted to work with Kris Gray and his team from the Tenerife Tennis Academy for your Tennis Holidays in Tenerife.

The TTA has recently established itself at T3 and is the premier tennis training facility in Tenerife. Whilst the academy offers full-time tennis and study programmes to the next generation of players, TTT is able to offer you, your family, friends or club bespoke tennis holidays (or training camps if you seek that extra intensity!). These holidays/camps can be delivered by your own coach, with the TTA coaches, or as a combination of both.

Working with our partner hotel/villa providers, we offer packages with accommodation choices ranging from the excellent 3-star HOVIMA Jardín Caleta to the stunning 5-star Suites Villa Maria. Whatever your choice, you will be developing your game at a wonderful location and is a wonderful facility with great coaches delivering highly effective programmes.

We understand that for many of you, tennis is a part of your life that brings fun, friendships and relaxation, so we will design your package to enable you to dine at amazing local restaurants, share cocktails or beer at the beach, take part in island tours, get more energetic and use the other T3 facilities, paraglide, cycle the mountains and trails or spend a day at Europe’s No 1 water park (Siam Park). You will love your time off-court, as well as on it.

However, if you are looking to develop your game to the next level, a focused programme at the TTA will help you achieve that. Please do speak to us about including metabolic testing/analysis, nutritional advice and/or specific strength and conditioning training within your Tennis Holidays.

Europe’s Number 1 Training Destination

Group and Individual Tennis Classes

Something for everyone…
Afternoon kids groups (ages 4-16)
Evening adults groups (Ages 16+)
Individual lessons in T3

Special Week Tennis Pack at T3

5 private tennis lessons
2 private S&C sessions
30-minute massage
Assessment at the beginning and the end of the week

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