Tenerife Top Training

We have chosen to work with Tenerife Top Training as we are convinced that its location, facilities, people and passion will enable you to achieve the personal development you want to see. Whether you are a professional athlete seeking continued high performance; an enthusiastic amateur or anywhere in between, we are certain that your introduction to T3 will inspire you to achieve your goals.
Quite simply, there are reasons why T3 succeeds as a training centre where top professional clubs and athletes develop their skills….and you can enjoy the same benefits!

High-performance Training Facilities

T3 is the most modern training centre in Europe – meeting the needs of athletes from various sports. International swimmers and swim teams, the world’s best cyclists, triathletes, basketball players, footballers, rugby league and union players all enjoy the facilities offered by T3 which include:

T3’s partner hotels are able to meet your personal requirements and fulfil all your needs from 3 to 5 stars.

The primary hotel used by our athletes is Jardin Caleta which is located beside the beach in Caleta – about 1000 m from the T3 training centre. This simple arrangement allows you to relax and have fun with your families or training partners away from the centre. T3 is then clearly defined as your focused training environment where you will develop alongside similarly committed and motivated athletes.

People and Passion

When you meet the people of T3, no matter what their area of expertise, you will meet people who are passionate about their training centre and passionate about helping you to be the athlete you want to be. This alignment with those of us at TTT Sports Ltd is what brings us together and gives us unwavering confidence in taking you to T3.
Focussing on the individual needs of their clients is the foundation of T3’s success.  A shared passion for sports amongst the team and a drive to understand where you are personally in your development maximises your developmental opportunities whilst at the centre.
T3’s vision statement emphasises their belief that with passion you can accomplish a harmonious, intense workout for mind, body and soul. Be reassured that your love for your sport is shared and understood by those at Tenerife Top Training.