Coach Led Triathlon Training Camps

Why Tenerife and why T3?

Tenerife Top Training offers a unique training environment which is particurlarly attractive during the key months of December to April when the weather is absolutely ideal for warm weather pre-season training for your athletes.

The advantage of the year round sunshine which Tenerife offers cannot be underestimated and the guarantee of this envionment ensures a more reliable training experience when compared with other winter training destinations.

Mount Teide (Spains highest peak) provides the longest mountain climb and descent in Europe e.g. The distance from El Medano to the peak is 22.5 miles. This enables athletes to train in a way which is unique to the island. It additionally provides opportunities for hill reps and trail running at altitude.

The swim faciliteis at T3 are second to none. In particular the hi-tech swim flume combined with the 50 and 25 metre pools are perfect for developing your athletes technique and efficiency in the water.

The facilities at T3 are constantly used by world class athletes whom your athletes will train alongside. This in itself provides an incredibly inspiring experience.

Unlike other training centres the accommodation is provided away from the facility and therefore those present at the centre are all committed to performance training whereas leisure activities take place elsewhere. T3 provides a great sense of performance development.

Please contact us with any preliminary enquiries as we would be extremely pleased to connect you with T3.